Thursday, June 2, 2011

to that fixed place

I sought after a horse this morning

A large draught to have trust in me

Wanting to walk a field to where he was grazing

He would know I was coming before I knew

Before I knew how much I needed to feel his strength

In the heat on his massive neck under a matted mane

To tap him on the side of his great calf

He would pick up his hoof

And I would pick a small nagging stone

From his tormented frog

I looked and looked

But couldn’t find a horse

So I went back to Root Road

Familiar in memory

But it had changed once again

The derelict cars looked more earth then vehicles now

Heat penetrated the leaves of tall trees

I allowed the mosquitoes to have their way with me

Didn’t kill a one wanting to feel the presence around me total

Prying the door of an old International pick-up

I sat behind the broken steering wheel

Ran my hand along a cob-webbed dash

Feeling the strength in the heat of time

And of the farmer’s reluctance to give up

The horse for the truck


  1. Probably my favourite thing today. Thanks for this, Robert - it was really good to read and see. Calming, but keeps you reading.

  2. Peter - it has been a while since i felt something really strong. this morning was very honest for me in word and photograph.
    thank you.

  3. this is amazing...first love the pic and layering very artistic...this took me back...the woods behind our house growing up has two old vehicles, one and old MG and another and old truck...we spent so many hours playing in them...

  4. imagery is wonderful! flowed smoothly and kept me reading!
    enjoyed it!

    thank you

  5. Brian - glad you liked both. the image is pretty much a straight shot with the reflection of the trees through the window. i just put a frame border around the outside. thank you.

    Hope - thank you.

  6. Ambiguous and misterious picture.

  7. What a wonderful, sunlit stroll you have shared with us today. A brilliantly descriptive write, placing the reader along side you, as you search for the mighty horse, and mourn it's loss to the vehicle that has gone to the ground. I could feel the heat of the cobwebbed dash, and hear the buzz of the mosquitoes...thank you for this today!

  8. This is delightful, reminiscent of Frost in many ways. (Always a win in my book)

  9. There is such a mystique about this one. I think at times we hunger for the security of what once was. Very beautiful poeming. Victoria

  10. I am so glad I came to read! What elegance to your words...

  11. your welcome Natasha. thank you for stopping by.

    Bubba - thank you.

    liv2write2day - thank you.

    Tracie - thank you and welcome.

  12. Your writing is magical..
    I found inner peace...

  13. A poem that combines the personal with something deep-seated and universal, full of versatile symbols that can be taken literally or as figuratively as the reader wants. The feel of walking, of a meditation, of a mental event, all ongoing here. You've used the traditional strength of free verse--the spontaneity of no restrictions, with thought and care, so the poem has a structured and measured feel simply by its deliberate quality. Fine writing, and thanks for linking this up with OneStop today.

  14. Great Theme, Imagery and description.

    "Ran my hand along a cob-webbed dash
    Feeling the strength in the heat of time
    And of the farmer’s reluctance to give up
    The horse for the truck"


  15. Cool piece. I enjoyed the movement of the poem. The word selection was intriguing.