Saturday, September 24, 2011

the road in Skye Glen - playing with the poles.


  1. Wonderfull! I love them all.

    Greetings orvokki

  2. Can see you are preparing to pole vault your way into eternity with such fabulous images... a pleasure to behold...

  3. such a special place. the light is everything. it is the light that has done something to the people. but no, not just the light, but the geography, and the need to survive, the need to rely on a neighbour, the need to pay witness, the recognition of humankind. it is a good good place. i am glad they keep you so well.

    i see you at that bar with a.m. and i think, yes, we happened, but yes, he is home.


  4. thank you orvokki.

    owen - i am happy you like them. btw, i owe you an e-mail! soon i hope.

    erin - i am so happy you got to be here. you paid witness to this place and you were grateful.
    yes i am home, some of me.