Monday, December 13, 2010

Cape Breton winter

taken last February.
we can't wait for big snow!


  1. this is beautifull, must be amazing to be there, inside

  2. Stunning shot Robert. It looks really cold!

  3. Wow, looks like one of those vintage postcards you find in secondhand shops! So atmospheric and timeless! By the way, I dig your two quotes at right!

  4. Laura - It is better to be outside, i laugh. Thank you.

    Luis - It was very cold that day. We were on our way to the wharf that day to see the big ice. It was amazing. Thank you.

  5. Gabriella - Time has left Cape Breton behind in so many ways. It was a great attaction to me. i liked the 'vintage' look to this scene. Glad you like the quotes too. Thank you.

  6. i remember this day
    outside the car,
    me after frozen red berries
    as though they might run away
    and you patient and still
    higher up on the hill,
    bent and indulged in your moment.
    indicative of us, i think, in so many ways.
    and the day so still and cold around us.
    full of offerings.

    i am in love with this photograph.
    our moment.


  7. Great picture, Robert. As if time herself looked up at you and said, “Go ahead. Take it.”

  8. Nice to be here again, and scrolling down i love it all.

  9. Winter photos are my favorite. Too bad I live in a desert! Oh well, I have the mountains. I too like the vintage feel and I'll be almost as delighted as you to see what you come up with when the "big snow" hits.

  10. Trevor - Thank you.

    erin - my love and my life. we will go back there one day and spend seasons. i love you.

    William - i always feel a little blessed when you grace these pages with your words. Thank you.

    Katrin - So very glad you stopped. Thank you.

    Stickup - i hope to be bring some photographs here in the next month with lots of snow and light. Thank you.

  11. my husband and I will make it to the east coast one day!!!!

  12. Liza - On seeing your blog i am sure you guys will love it. Thank you for stopping in.

  13. I just love this picture. Great shot! Thanks for sharing!


  14. The most whitish snow will arrive Robert friend, that is for sure, the nature always honours its word and promise. And nature inspired you to take this picture, for later, when you see the white landscape covered by pristine snow, remeber such promise, that would have became real for your delight =)
    Keep well and my best wishes for you.


  15. Alberto, Thank you my friend for your words and well wishes.
    The best to you.

  16. No snow last February and that in Canada..
    Great picture!!

    By the way I am only reading about snow..
    Send you my love!

  17. Monika - I am glad you like it. Thank you.