Saturday, December 11, 2010

Diptych: morning coffee #3

now just put it down and take the shot. i laugh


  1. I have tryed to post a comment here but it did´nt work. I want to say that you have very interesting and wonderful photos in your blog. /Anna

  2. Luis - me too!

    Anna - Thank you very much.

  3. This is a diptych that I really enjoy. Very nice!
    Have a great evening! :-)

  4. :-) I must smile, because it is true, the colours linked to caffe, smell the coffe better :-) I would take the yellow one...

  5. Kenneth - Glad you like it, thank you.

    Laura - Great that one is for you. Thank you.

  6. made me think that first cup of coffee is almost a spiritual experience.
    I've got a hand wrapped around a mug right now! Ahhhhhhhhhmen.

  7. Liza - ohhhh it is. i am on my second cup. Thank you.

  8. the tiny words beneath
    cause me to remember you
    so far away
    a careful botanist
    feeding the birds
    and jiggling the line on which my mind
    lit to

    raise a hand to the window
    dare to touch the glass

    i think these things
    as you are out
    down by the river taking pictures
    opening your jacket
    opening the shutter
    letting you fly from your own chest to be
    as simple as a crow
    and as perplexing too

    now just put it down and take the shot. i laugh

    that is all you say
    two simple images
    an experiment
    and yet i want more

    i love where you go
    and what you do