Monday, January 17, 2011

little red shovel


  1. Good shot! The snow is gone for now here - it's trying to be spring, bugs birds and all. i think there will be some very sad and foolish bugs in a few days. It means a low-mosquito summer, but I think the birds have a tough time without, and I know the spiders do - their population fluctuates wildly with the bugs in alternating years (especially visible is the relationship between jumping spiders and caterpillars - I am so glad to be out of the city!)

    Thanks for sharing the photo! It was a real pleasure.

  2. A simple but very strong image. Like it a lot...!

  3. Peter - Thank you. i believe the city is a bad place for both you and i. The snow here continues for the last two days but the temperature has risen making it beautiful to be out in. ... and that is the latest weather report from northern ontario. i laugh. i was out on van island in january a couple of years ago after being in the oil fields for 6 months and it was amazing. january all green and sprouting buds of crocuses. i seem to need a bit more winter though. thanks for dropping by my friend.

  4. Thank you my friend Luis.

    Stefanie - Thank you.

    Trevor - Thank you.

  5. I just love that red colour! Great shot!

    Have a nice evening!