Tuesday, April 12, 2011

in the ditch
clean run off
gives a promise of
and washes the dead


  1. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my pictures from the childcare stuff I do. Oh how I enjoy looking at your work I've been meaning to tell the lovely children that a talented photographer likes their photos! This one girl in particular has a real eye for color and beauty. It's neat. This particular post of yours reminded me of how excited they got picking dandelions...a weed to the eye of a gardner. It seems you are looking forward to the new life spring brings as much as I am! I really love your art...absolutely beautiful and inspiring stuff!

  2. I love these images!


  3. Performances actually transformations of these two images.
    not know your blog, but I follow it hits me.
    a greeting.

  4. A promise of growth. . .and renovation, always.

    Thanks for reminding me it today.

    May you have a wonderful day Robert, and many promised and dreams fulfilled today and, always.


  5. thank you Susanne

    merc' - a greeting to you as well. thank you.

    Alberto - thank you my friend. have a wonderful day too. it's spring and we all get to grow again.