Sunday, March 21, 2010

I had worked at a friend's house a couple of weeks ago refinishing his kitchen cabinets. He and his wife have two adopted daughters, sisters from Korea. Beautiful precocious girls full of life but shy with a stranger in the house. I had to move things from countertop to work and as I did a little 'sticky' note fell to the floor. I picked it up and read:


Two days later I asked the girls who had written it. The grade three student retrieved the scrap of paper from the counter and she proudly said that it was her. I asked her about it, in which she replied, "I was just wondering about stuff." I said it was a beautiful poem and she handed it to me saying I could have it.

I will buy a little frame for it.


  1. These gifts can fall at our feet but it is up to us to pick them up and pay thanks, as you did with the boys in the super market with mohawks and go go go hockey! spirit, as you do with mary at the grocery and the girls at the farmer's market, as you do with buddy and mark and kate, and with me. We fall to your feet and you pick us up and give us value. But really, you are our gift.


  2. that is a hard one to take my dearest erin.
    i will humble my thank you head down.

  3. And now, I'm crying at work... Can you please not write so well, and can the two of you please stop falling all over each other? (OMG... no don't I love it... really)... *reaching for another kleenex*.

  4. Beautiful story... and beautiful comments. So nice to come here and see this joy...