Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ernie and the light

ernie sold used stuff
i imagine he was happy in his day
with customers
i imagine he was happy going from door to door
in his search for things people didn't want
light hearted ernie

as much as ernie is

as much as ernie is
the light around him
the light he gives
to all of us
makes us light
in our hearts

and when we see the light
all scars
paint chips and deep crevices of time
it is clear that our simple figures
warm others
in a way that only light can


  1. And so again it is with the witnessing, isn't it?

    I wonder if the detritus of us, the paint chips, the cast offs, reveal us in any way? Or are they independent of us? And do they take new shape with new owners? And if they do, what does that say about our impression at all?

    Perhaps again, we impress only the impressionable, the ones of skin, the ones who witness us.

    Ernie seems pretty damned happy in his little life.

    (The light in and around Ernie is gorgeous.)


  2. Ohhh ils sont amusants tes personnages, ils mettent de la joie dans tout ce gris!

  3. for me this ernies are really alive... I'm so happy that in the world there are people like you :-)

  4. erin - on thinking of this i think the shards broken away from the mass is representative of us. as Ernie is, all scuffed and dirty his life lived hard is also revealed in the light he gives off.

    Chrys - Thank you.

    Laura - You are kind, thank you.