Tuesday, October 19, 2010



  1. otherworldly!
    I was looking through some CDs the other day, and Robert Plant's Fate of Nations cover art really struck me, and your work here reminds me of that. Fantastic!
    ps...thanks for visiting me.

  2. Thank you Luis.

    Liza - Thank you Liza. You have a great site.

    Crissant - All ordered chaos. Thank you.

  3. Hey you,

    Thanks so much for finding me on my new site! Rob, your work is as beautiful as always -- I have some catching up to do! I hope all is well.

    Hugs from Liz

  4. Great approaches to your work! Thanks for stopping by...

  5. Great composition! Everything seems just in the right place, as if on purpose! Ordered chaos, indeed! Bravo.

  6. Hi Robert, Painting? If so it is blurring the lines between your photography. It has all your usually contrast and intensivity, but what is "Painting"
    More a technical question than an aesthetic one

  7. Don't know much about paintings but I like
    whatever you do, dear Robert.

  8. Dan - I called it "painting" more because it looks to me like paint on canvas more then a photograph with it still being a photograph. I like "blurring the lines". I just may use that line if I may. Thank you.

    Monika - Thank you.

  9. A canvas, a scene one happens upon, something interpretted. Could be any or all of these. To me, the rich colours speak.

    (Oh, and I think the ink blots are dogs at typewriters. Not sure what that means, but did I pass the psychoanalysis?)


  10. erin - yes interpretation is everything after the word hits the page or -not up to the creator after that. if it speaks then it is.
    thank you.

    dogs and typewriters!
    more fish girl.
    wait we just had shrimp. it will be better in the morning. i laugh.

    love you.