Saturday, November 27, 2010

depth of field


  1. Luis Gomez - I can't thank you enough for stopping in!

  2. This is stunning... the reds pulling through all of that grey... Wow, So warm and inviting yet firery and holding promise of excitement! I love this!

  3. Where do you find all these ruins?
    The eyes of a photographer..

  4. for me this work revels so many possibilitys and frustrations for life !!
    and is so pretty .
    i like the way you work the colors

  5. This one is my favourite. So very gorgeous and deep....

  6. Dana - Thank you very much.

    Monika - There is beauty in the ruins. Thank you.

    Caio - I love it when people take these images to other places making them their own. Thank you.

    Monica - This is my favorite too! I went back to it time and time again maybe four different versions and came up with this one. I am happy with it and happy you have come here once again. Thank you.