Wednesday, November 3, 2010

first storm


  1. This is really great!
    An emotional work.


  2. So soft and dreamlike. Great colors too. Looks as if from a different time, something one would envision reading a Gothic novel. Really beautifully done!

  3. The first storm, of many. The trees seems to know it, but still stand, they know a new spring will come one day.
    How amazing lessons can one receive, even from a humble tree.
    Great picture Robert, emotional indeed.
    Keep well and receive my best regards

  4. I' m fascinated by the way photographers fog, it all seems a crayon, a surreal vision that does not exist... like a dream...

  5. The storm swept in so fast we didn't have much time to record it. Two minutes and it was finished and i crossed the road and took pictures of the 'machine'in the bright sunlight.

    Crissant - Thank you.

    Dan - i laugh. We like the snow and the colder weather. Bring it on!

    Stickup - We had very special moments like this all day with the weather.

    Alberto - Thank you. lessons we should recognise, yes.

    Laura - It was a very momentary dream. Thank you.

  6. A bit frightened, but fascinated.. Oh, Canada!

  7. This is a powerful yet gentle image - so, - um - atmospheric! How good of you to capture this.

  8. And some storm it must have been! Nice work :-)

  9. Stark, haunting, and beautiful. All hallmarks of your work, Robert.

  10. Monika - Thank you.

    Two Tigers - 'powerful and gentle', i like that thank you.

    RuneE it lasted all but 30 minutes but ut was great to be out in it. Thank you.

    Paul - Thank you.