Monday, November 15, 2010

deserted beautiful


  1. Ah William! You are quick to this one.
    Thank you

  2. Wonder who slept in that bed... Amazing photos.

  3. I like these too. Reminds me of the flicker of an old movie's passing frames before my eyes. Makes one wonder if anything is truly lost...

  4. I agree with William - definitely a strong sense of the past here, and life stories swirling around still in the air.

  5. Laura - Thank you.

    Dana - I did a little research on this place.
    This house is way up Bornish in Glencoe. I believe this is who lived in this house.

    Katherine "Bornish" MACDONALD
    •Sex: F
    •Birth: 1880 in Bornish, Nova Scotia, Canada
    •Death: 13 FEB 1962 in Melford, Nova Scotia, Canada
    •Burial: St. Mary of the Angels Cemetery in Glendale, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Stickup - If we keep documenting these precious places they will survive. Thank you.

    Gabriella - Thank you.

  6. love the effect on our photographs.
    greetings from barcelona.

  7. You are a master at creating mood in your images. Nice!

  8. William has told it all, with just a few words.
    But you had made it as well, just with images and strokes.
    The magic of photography.
    Great Robert, great.

  9. melcoton - Thank you very much. Greetings to you.

    T. - Mood is everything for me. Thank you for dropping by.

    Alberto my friend. Thank you for your presence here.

  10. It is good to see these photos received so warmly. They are warm photos. Sometimes there can be such distance to the past, but somehow these photos aren't like that. People draw closer to them as to a fire.

    They are beautiful.