Friday, July 15, 2011

look up and glide


  1. The effect is SO cool!
    I really don't know how to discribe it. ...
    Or maybe like this: ...
    You got me standing there,
    holding on to the ropes, and looking up.
    The golden sunlight calls me to climb higher.
    And I will get there, too!
    I can smell the resin and feel the sharp bark
    of the old, yet very alive pine.
    I was a real tree climber in my youth!
    You took me back for a while...
    Thank you Robert! :-)))
    Spectacular photo!

  2. awesome! something i know absolutely reborn with potential. wonderful shot, robert!


  3. Nadja - i believe you have described this so very well. i am pleased this photograph to you back. thank you.

    erin - it was funny really. after waving good-bye to you i looked up and saw the ropes and i remembered how when i was young i would look up and swing. it felt so wonderful to look up our old pine and be there again. i love you.