Sunday, July 3, 2011

soft river


  1. This is a great abstract. Maybe the way it is entitled. I think about the rivers here all the time, the way they rise and fall, and those ways they make those little bends as depicted. The earth yields in places, and stands firm in others. That's what I see here in that subtle curve.....

  2. mythopolis - in actuallity it is the side of an old rail car. when i took the shot the curve of course was the focal point.
    when i rendered the image i took away the sharpness in most of the image.
    at that point the river appeared.

    thank you.

  3. Woo, neat. I like this one a lot. Comforting and cool and tactile.

  4. robert, i could spend a great deal of time with this, not for any particular reason but rather as one might sit staring into a fire, or at a passing river.

    love you

  5. erin - there is a calm that comes with the colours, with the bend in the steel gives one a sense of meandering. i have come back to look at this one a lot.

    love you too!

  6. One of if not my favourite image of yours so far, Robert. Theres tension and harmony in equal balance, I could go on, just great. Its coming across images of yours like this one, that reminds me you should be exhibiting, if youre not already. A wider, critical audience would appreciate work like this Im sure.

  7. leigh - i am not showing at this time.
    i feel i might some day. thank you.