Thursday, September 23, 2010

country light


  1. Another group of great images! This one looks like the back of my house and field, thick with goldenrod and larkspur. I often have a buck sitting in those shadows.

  2. You really do have a way with creating atmosphere from a deceptively simple view! The color depth and composition here are great - just enough dark and light, and the table perfectly framed by the trees. There is more than just a cool image here - there's a real mood and story too.

  3. Once again, your camera is a paint brush. Beautiful.

  4. Dan - Thank you. I am blessed as you to have nature out my back door. I feel I have to see it and appreciate it every day.

    Two Tigers - Like with my comment to Dan I feel the urge. There are stories out there amongst the air particles and light. We owe it to pay witness. Thank you.

    William - And once again I thank you for your presence kind sir.

    Luis - Thank you my friend.