Sunday, September 12, 2010

Diptych No.5

as the birch is hinged to the board
a door is open to interpretation.
what we see we give back
of our own experience.
the communication,
the key to that door
opens, enriches our lives.
lives and breathes
in us the living tree
exchanging back and forth
until  a constructed dialogue
returns to the earth,
a new seed planted.

[As community resides, to my delight William has written parallel this morning.]


  1. I guess we are in constant inner dialogue with our surroundings if we get out of our cars and pause a moment. It is a great source of joy when one stops to have that dialogue. Love the color palette in these photos. The black, white, and silvery grays and the stark red. Very arresting!

  2. WWW,is a fine tool, to open doors!!
    Nice picture,suberb text( you do not need two hundred words, to say much!!

  3. open a door ... how many emotions associated with this gesture,
    something that happens to me I do not know if it is strange or if it is normal ...
    when I'm in a toilet of a motorway (autogrill) or of an airport, where there are many doors in a toilet, I always think about which door I will open, and almost always, I'm not open the closer one, but the one in the middle or the more far .. . mah

  4. Ohhh, these images are stunningly perfect together. And your poem is what we have talked about on the couch, how we touch one another, teach one another, enrich one another's lives - seeds planted. Gorgeous piece. One of my favorites of yours.


  5. Sigh. As always, a beautiful home to return too. Beautiful.

  6. erin - yes, on mornings when we can be together or at night when i drag my sorry ass home we speak and touch and learn, oh how we learn.
    thank you.

  7. Beautiful....
    I wish there's a book with all your beautiful photographs, or a print, that sure will enlighten my house. :-)

  8. Monica - We could always swap some art. You know I love your stuff!!