Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the saw

he bought his first circular saw with uneasiness. not because of the tool,
but for the fresh start. he was starting again and with most of his belongings still
back at the old place he just needed to start rebuilding here. it felt good to take it from the box all new when a brief cloud of spending too much money blew over his head - lucky for the windy day. he put the blade in place and secured it with a second or maybe even a third hand wrench that felt comfortable in his hand. he wasn't used to new things but he told himself that the saw would be the only one he would ever need. carefully measuring he took to the task. with a high pitched whine the teeth ripped into the wood. he was starting fresh and as the saw moved smoothly across the surface he thought of the blade spinning and thought of his life spinning
full circle.


  1. I like this. I like the way you have interwoven what he is doing with what he is thinking. I like the feeling of meandering.

  2. Yes, i agree with Julie, wonderful written and i can see him in the woods.....

  3. Julie - This is what we do isn't it. We act upon or emotions or emotions carry us through our actions in time syncopated.

    Monica - Thank you.

  4. I like this because this is you. Each movement is a thought. Each word important. Simple. But as indelible as a the cut of a saw.

    And you cut a door.

    And it fits.

    In and out we come and go
    through our life


  5. erin - the door opens wide and free with the hinges of our curiosity holding us together.