Monday, September 6, 2010

i shave

i shave
and i shave my head
to feel your hands
sculpting the potter's clay
that is my skull
shaping and molding
my thoughts into a bowl
holding the water we bathe in
drink from
feed the garden.

i shave
and i shave my head
so each moment's breeze
keeps me aware of life


  1. i shape you
    you shape me

    i remember back to bowl, the one i wrote for you:
    i've a hollowed out log
    and i hold it to my ear
    i've a hollowed out log
    mortar / pestle
    i grind flour thin enough
    to wear as veil
    i could eat my veil
    i hold it to my ear
    my bowl
    it can hold things
    it is the incarnation of the female form
    hunter - he
    gatherer - me
    and here in my hand is my bowl
    tum tum tum
    its bloated side becomes a drum
    i hold it to my ear
    warmed wood
    emanating sounds
    that cause me
    to shake my hips
    food of the belly
    food of the soul

    you have become my bowl
    sustenance of body and soul
    a call for my incarnation of female form
    cause for me
    to shake my hips
    holy holy log hollowed out
    i tip you to my lips
    holy holy log hollowed out
    to my ear
    so that i might hear



    touching your head is us full circle: bowl.


  2. That sounds like a poem, a powerful one, commemorating the daily yet special moment. =)

  3. Very Zen. I love how the seemingly small becomes monumental in all your work. An atom is a universe here. It is very touching. I also love the Woman in a Window's poetic response.

  4. Alberto - I try not to take love granted now. Every moment counts. Thank you.

    Stickup - Everything does open up into another universe for me.
    I am blessed with poetry from erin very often. I am blessed to travel with her when we take pictures and I am blessed to wake beside her.
    Here is a link to her site
    Here is a link you might be interested in also.

  5. I always find it hard to comment on poems, afraid to break the magic.
    I love all of your words and images. The respond of Erin is also very beautiful. A beautiful circle of love and inspiration the two of you. :-)

    Sweet greetz and a happy weekend for you.

  6. Monica - You could never break the magic, only add to it. erin wrote the beautiful poem some time ago and as i wrote mine i remembered her feelings when she wrote hers. they are so linked together.
    Thank you.