Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fourteen again

we walked the fairgrounds
and the midway.
i bought her a five dollar belt
with studs.
a date i didn't have
when i was fourteen.


  1. At fourteen, the world is all still full ...

    I like a lot this post

  2. Laura - ...and it became full again at fifty five. i laugh and i thank you.

  3. Cool belt. I love the whizzing whirling bumper cars in the background of the first photo. Very lovely portrait.

  4. A lovely portrait,,,and the mood, like the song says "when everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky.."

  5. Oliver - " She's got a face that it seems to me, reminds me of childhood memories..."

    Thank you.

  6. We eased into the amber light of time that night, the stage before us, warmth all around. A very special time.

    Your photo - it is the clarity of the bumper cars, the strange daylight to nightlight to daylight it suggests.

    And the belt - well, I am grateful.


  7. erin - you radiate the light around us. the belt...well, hot!

  8. I just found it out fantastic, so simple that makes wanna read it again to make sure you've missed nothing, and yet it has a sad tone attached to its lines. Great job!

  9. Maha - Thank you and thank you for dropping by. Sad in a way maybe but happy in knowing we all can be fourteen again.

  10. Thanks for dropping by my place and commenting. I've just been scrolling through and enjoying your very excellent pics/posts. I'll be back (but not in any sort of Arnie way!).