Wednesday, April 14, 2010

become the change

“We must become the change we want to see.” ~Mahatma Gandhi
We travel the roads to old houses, and when we walk on the properties of these abandon buildings there is sometimes a feeling you get. Hard to pinpoint but sometimes you get something. This old house was well used after the last dwellers departed. The graffiti everywhere blends with the old nicely. The period wallpaper left is torn and the paint on the walls and moldings have long sense cracked and peeled. We see the conversion of history here.

There is a quote carved into the wall in the dining room. I looked it up just to see if it was an original by the carver’s knife. It is interesting how it has landed here, on this wall in northern Ontario, how it is mixed with ’tags’ and maybe even a derogatory comment to the quote. The layers from plaster to final wallpaper then stripped down again to plaster through time and assaults, this quote remains.


  1. Sigh... thank you for allowing me to join you both on your journey... wow... and we really must be that change.

  2. You see what I miss. I am sad that I missed this, glad that you were there to show me after.