Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shame of thought
Bear witness
These pasts after
Molded boarders
Become so high
And strong to break down
And return pure the notion
Of innocence.

We get here
To go back to sparrow chirp
Awe and
First arousal
Encompass whole
The us

The fight to return
without confessional.


  1. Not sure if I am interpreting how you meant, however...

    What a freakin powerful statement! "The fight to return without confessional". This is it really, for me and so many of my people... To find that place of innocence, even in the knowing we long for the gratitude and peace of heart that allows the innocence of life to flow through us, undamaged and unstopped... OMG. I love this... Fuckin' Love this... 'Fight to return without confessional'... like I could somehow learn to stop justifying and just enjoy, be, accept... oh shit... this seriously kicks ass...

  2. yes, dana m you have nailed it perfect. this doesn't surprise me somehow.

    thank you.

  3. It seems, we spend a great deal of our lives working very hard cutting channels that guide our flow. They are guides and walls. We spend at least the same amount of time trying to cut through the very walls that we have made ourselves. It is both an internal pressure that creates and destroys these channels, and an external one. We're curious, aren't we, that we spend so much time trying to figure ourselves out, when all along, here we are.


  4. yes erin,
    here we all are trying to get back.