Thursday, April 15, 2010

the full world of floofties,
brightly coloured questions
and fast footfall's on the stairs.

yes, floofties,
things that show up
under sofas and in thoughts
during a day hectic
calmed a moment sky
open and coffee has the effect
of calm coffee,

race with cloud days
not enough time until when?
we die or bed ridden
or now, to love and be.
now, with the feel of hands
not quite touching but
knowing they can.

she had pasties on her floofties
as she came from the pantry
the doorway clear
the aroma so dear near and sincere.
a "HA!" from her voice
that was her choice
to live and to learn
love and to burn
the past slow and easy
pushing coals together
with soft tongues and kisses
this day our daily bread
of nourished the
conversation excite
moments of flooftie delight
and laughter.

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