Monday, April 5, 2010

blow sea,
carry the deal of poetry.
as i stood in line
you wrapped a dream
in a golden river
from the market of rhyme
for me.

so why, whywhy, why
didn't ya tell me
there was no other time
to sample your goods
all (tide) up in looking
for a guarantee.

like a heart
of a burning flame
swept out on the tide
will be found again
but not the same.


  1. Oh how curious this has left me... uggg. Left to my own interpretation I suppose...

  2. ...just a little ditty
    on poetry. HA!

  3. I like this. And I'm surprised - always surprised - when you employ rhyme. And so poetry itself aids in the transformation of thought and feeling? Is this it in the end?

    And too, wrapping thought in anything associated with water has me remembering the other side of poetry, its transitory nature, that it quickly becomes tomorrow's fishwrap, but for today and here inside of these lines, poetry is beautiful.


  4. ahhh, yes erin.
    some of the universes great written proclamations have been tomorrows fish wrap.

    you get this. i am happy that you get this thru jumbled words and twisted thots. ha!