Thursday, April 15, 2010

between spaces
of serifs, white
the light of both sides
meet in cosmos
thoughts combined
together, worlds
we gather
in the porosity of bone
streams entwined
strings the thread from then
and then to now
day to night
rock and ice
thaw stone
to sand beaches
of surf and stars
inhale each
exhale continuous mirror(cles)
saxophone of
tone modal breath

1 comment:

  1. There are both questions and answers that reside in white space. It is empty upon first look, however it hums with energy, doesn't it? This reminds me of something I've felt before (inside of that bit I wrote a long time ago, Itness), and again there is a breaking down of barriers here, the cellular to the stellar, and it is in this state of reduction that we get closer to the bigger answers, I suppose.

    I love this. I would suck upon the marrow of that porosity of bone.