Monday, April 5, 2010

the naked stand,
roots torn
from beneath the waves
has breached, travelled inland
past cities not considered,
through farmlands
beyond thresholds
of resales and rented souls
to a small town transient
of train line and transport
where night fog
rain clean sidewalks,
the air so thick to chew
of morning dew
extra hour before
spring sun draws buds
from winter branches.

here, here stand
naked of past exposed
to a rich black soil
dig in
dig in
melody day
and stay, keep time
these new surrounding rhythms
of robin's song
and full breast reborn.

stay and stay
push root
beneath Bouclier Canadien rock
beneath underground lakes
leading to great ocean bottoms
and reach this sun

this is grand, this naked stand.


  1. and so you push
    your trunk like soul through soil
    push and push
    and take root

    and i
    watch you grow.