Thursday, June 10, 2010

For John Lydon and us all.

on the inside of a not
so wise enterprise
an adaptable love song
lit the candles
in television dinners.
standing naked in the back of prime time
loosing body heat
with a bleeding heart public image
looking for bodies of injured minds
ashamed of the pure advertisement.

i could be wrong
this could be nirvana
patterned stamped for all time.
one two three; Kick!!
planned future around
picket fence
post to post
paint and paint
each year the layered same colour
layered same
i will take the furniture
you take the dog
testing, testing, testing

dressed as a clowns
we reach to the skys shopping malls
like drowning men and women
just below the surface
faces in the murk
watching hamburger eating salesman
in front of strippers at noon
forgiving the futures confusing
not only do i make it up as i go along
i expect you to sing along with me
this love song 
please do me the honors.

i miss the car park
in between the lines we station
bum in the sun
in the sun sun sun
waiting the drive 5 pm. home
part of the scene
part of the scenery
connecting to freeways
mindless auto pilot of
good natured 
landfill nonsense
pointing road rage fingers
one two three; Kick!!


  1. 'not only do i make it up... but i expect you to sing along... and this truly is the bitch of it all (in my experience of course). I love this feeling... the feeling I get when I read you and Erin. Intelligence mixed in with good sense and humanity. Reminds me I am aiming for better things. Thank you.

  2. I'm thinking Sex Pistols and must run to the car, grab Never Mind The Bollocks, and pop it now into my drive. I like angry music.

    I'll sing along but would rather do the 1,2,3 kick, just to keep from going into auto pilot. Thank goodness you're not on auto pilot.

  3. nc-va- Thank you.
    Dana- This is why we are here, laugh learn and love. THANK YOU!
    Ahh, Stickup- I thot maybe you would like this.
    God Save The Queen!!
    Thank you.