Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Morning Blues

of recent crying children
and the first flight of a sparrow's
scream from the nest
of a son getting married in Vegas
i cannot attend
a brother who works too hard
who doesn't understand
my sunday morning is filled

and in this quiet morning
this sunday morning i normally love
there is this anxious feeling
to fix and solve
my head is filled

and i wait for a
morning greeting
from a woman

a woman whom i have never loved like this before
a woman who will ease
these feelings and hold me like a baby
and quiet the sparrows scream
who will somehow ease
by just a gentle hand
at the back of my head

as i am weak
unable and flawed
beyond getting back
to this sunday morning


  1. we have a nest
    and i will always always call you home
    i will always always come home
    we will always always eat together
    this sunday morning
    and love


  2. erin - our love, a meal we will eat, loosen our belts, look at each other and hold hands across this table we have
    laid out before us.