Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer wheat and Erin


  1. this phot are by Erin oder by you?

    they are wonderfull...

  2. i look out over the field
    and use my fingers to pull tangles from my hair.
    i not so carefully divide it into three.
    i have little patience for anything done too well.
    and i make a braid i never thought i would have.
    i throw it across my shoulder
    and let it find its place.
    i feel the weight of it down my back
    as though i am a woman with a history,
    a woman i never believed i would be
    but yet the evidence is here.
    it rests like a hand,
    many generations of women before me.
    i have him take a picture of my braid.
    he dosen't know why i have him take my picture
    but just as the farmer will collect the wheat
    he is helping me hold fast to my history.

    i love you very much
    and will be untethered
    between now and 5:30
    when you'll wind me once again
    as a braid.


  3. Robert, these pictures, each in their own way, are nothing short of magnificent.

  4. robert -

    all these photos, i look at each one and i see the mystery, the beauty, the many layers. and then erin. i see her loveliness, even from behind...


  5. Laura - These photo's were taken by me for erin.

  6. William - Once again you come here and I thank you so very much.

  7. Grete - It is very easy to be inspired in erin's company. She is so very beautiful to me even from behind.
    Thank you.

  8. Erin - dear erin. i do know why now you had me take these pictures. i carry this with great love and devotion, right by your side.

  9. Hi Robert!
    Thanks for your presence on my blog. You`re very kind.
    You have so pretty images here, all poetic images.

    Hugs from Spain.

  10. Very beautiful, about love and mysteries.