Thursday, June 10, 2010

The same or not?

I started playing with this image. It is a wonder how the whole picture changes, the tone, the story, yet the image itself still has the same components in the same positions.

So I pose the question, "What do you see?"


  1. William- True enough, I laugh, but with a slight shift in colour or a filter change the image changes its story.

  2. In the second image, right next to the lady in the upper right, I see a fourth face -- left eyebrow, left eye closed, outline of a nose, a mouth forming an "O"... Then again, that may be just the curly black hair of the lady in the upper right showing the left profile of her face.


  3. I received an email from Dan Gliubizzi on this one. Thank you Dan I hope you don't mind me posting it.

    "Morning Robert,
    I wanted to comment on this post.
    I immediately thought of Robert Rauschenberg. (Some hate him, some love him, depending on which side of the gallery you stand on)
    He released himself from finding and illustrating all the "meaning" in an image. He believed that images had inherent meaning of their own.
    I think that one of the things I like in your photography/writing is that very thing. This last post illustrated that, as each image took on new meaning as you only changed their environments.
    I enjoyed it.

    This is Dan's site.