Wednesday, June 2, 2010

morning departure

i stand at the car and kiss you goodbye
she sticks her tongue out, devil girl
he, shy in the backseat looks on in understanding
waiting for their drive to school

i wave and turn and go to the fence
watching for the car
wave and wave again
turn again and head inside

the house so empty
as i sit here and explode in the loneliness
of your absences
the door opens and you are here
caught me
catching tears
in my mustache

you see me
a man as i am
endured third largest truck
and six meter high seas
you see me
catching tears

you sit on my lap
tell me how you couldn't leave just then
we speak
i explain how much i love you all
how unexpected these feelings are
so deep

"i have to go now; will you walk me to the car?"

we dance on the front lawn
to the car radio
hold each other
so gentle.
the goodbye is sweeter as i go back to the fence
i wave
jump and wave.

i think of how i have to tell them
she will become a very beautiful woman one day
in so many ways
and he will help people and find joy
and great purpose in doing so
how much
a man as i
can love them.

and when they come to visit with stories
of their lives
we will stand at the fence you and i
and cry at
their goodbyes
dance in the front yard
walk hand in hand
where you will sit on my lap
and we will catch tears together
in a few years.


  1. Beautiful, Robert. And so is the collaboration you posted yesterday. Thank you for both.

    Raining here today. At least I think it’s rain.

  2. William- It took me by storm this morning. You see I am new in peoples lives here and as overwhelming as it is sometimes we are all finding our places, we are coming into our own.
    It is a great joy.

    The sun is here I will send some your way.

    Thank you!

  3. I love the warmth in this ... the realisation ... that it's OK. Ok to be ... you. xx Jos

  4. Jos- You are right!
    And it has been a very long time coming. All my life it seems. Is good to be home.

    Thank you for your observation.

  5. this is terrific, personal and deep...lonely and joyful together

  6. Tom- It is an outpour of truths discovered this morning. Thank you.

  7. Robert -

    I always come to this site with anticipation. You give off such warmth - even through cyberspace. She is lucky to have found you. And you her....


  8. grete- I am so very happy to have found erin. She has given me the warmth you see here on this site.
    We are so very lucky indeed.

    Thank you.

  9. I had never danced
    until you laid your cheek
    and somehow directed my entire body
    in a swoop as derivative of you
    as your signature.
    You wrote upon me.
    We wrote upon the day.
    And no one else would own it
    in quite the same way.

    I love you robert peter willson.


  10. So now I sit, tears rolling down my face, eyes burning from the bloody face cream I just put on as I obviously wiped it into my eyes somehow while sitting here reading about the two of you. I am so happy for you both, and Happy especially that Erin found you and you found Erin, and how worthy you both are... FUCK! I love this.