Saturday, June 12, 2010



  1. Robert, from Massicote to Sepia and on through, you’re really on a roll. Parts of my childhood look just like this. Or I remember it so.

  2. See, now that would look amazing all big and huge and matted and framed in my bedroom! Such amazing photography!

  3. William - I am glad you have these childhood memories. Going back there soon and I will keep you in mind.

    Dana - Thank you again so much for dropping by.
    I like this one a lot, spent some time with it making at both a photograph and a charcoal like drawing.

  4. Robert -

    I like the contrast between the strict lines of the windows and the ruffled chaos of the grass. What I wonder is - could you change blogger template :-) ? I want these pictures LARGE! I am thinking of doing the same, home in my corner of the world (though have no clue how....). I am more and more hungry for the images. And my hunger makes me GREEDY. I am no longer satisfied with crumbs. I want to open my mouth HIGH!

    Sorry for interfering with such things. I only mean good. Your images delight me.


  5. Grete- Thank you for all your comments. I do appreciate them.

    If you 'click' on any picture here on this blog it will enlarge and sometimes if you click on them twice they will get bigger again.