Saturday, July 10, 2010

Black and white


  1. Wonderful once again. If you sense a ghost nearby during one of these walks, that ghost is me.

    I love the new layout and header.

  2. Love the technique you employ to evoke such an ethereal quality. I especially enjoyed the old cars in the woods series with the shimmery light and vibrant colors. Reminds me a little of HDR but not as harsh. Very original and poetic.

  3. I see we have a mutal blog-friend in William M.

    Very evocative photos. They're what I imagine a psychic "sees."

  4. The black and absence of black, the white light and absence of white light. Perfect balance. I take to it like a black kitten to a saucer of milk. Beautiful imagery, Robert.


  5. Love these... black and whites are so my personal fav...

  6. William - Boo!! You seem ever present with us. Thank you.

    Stickup - HDR. I never new about this until just the other day. I have employed layers and blurs, playing with levels is my way. Extending the moment just a bit longer here, trying to keep a mood. Thank you.

    Kevin - Psychic's and ghost's. This has brought a new kind of comment.
    Thank you.

    Erin - You have taught me to see in B&W again. The balance of you and I.

  7. What an athmosphere,,eternity caught in light, ghost that are alive, and walk, like memories, ghosts that walk. Superb.