Thursday, July 22, 2010


a dark place sheds light by design
as it was supposed to happen.
events exposed from the past
pondered with fear as the day goes on
uneventful. and when darkness is enlightened
only then will the sun cast detailed shadows
deeper into the soul of acceptance.

the violation
the volunteered denial
of a threatened body and mind.
sunken electrodes deep deep in
the wound of the brain where light
sometimes resides
along side no resolve.

yet sing
so sing
on a breeze of light through curtains
of a windows point of view
into the shadows and
rejoice together
the pain we share.


  1. The pain we share indeed. The wound of the brain... the many wounds of the brain. I love how this photo seems to me as thought all in shadow with the exceptional brilliance of the light coming from the window... this is my heart, all dark and swimming with shadows, and then love shines without caution... brilliant.

  2. Dana responds brilliantly to this.

    From all, and through it all, the light, if we choose to see it.

    yet sing
    so sing

    Such a peculiarity you have in your phrasing and so I stop to consider, and that is exactly what you do in the writing and thinking of this, isn't it? Stop and consider. Yet sing, so sing, you are considering inside of these two lines. Despite the pain and darkness there is song, and so embrace it and sing.

    You've a deeper pen and mind than you know. I see it. I saw it. And that is why we are here. That you would put a chestnut in a box, that you would see the frost upon the glass, that you would be brave enough to endure the pain and bear it out to the other side of light~

    I love you.

  3. "...and then love shines without caution."
    beautifully written Dana.

    thank you!

  4. erin -
    you see
    you see me
    you see me shine and fall
    sing with me
    i love you