Saturday, July 10, 2010

feel my calves. they are strong, new and old.

and this was after, when they came downstairs.
after they loved, again different then ever before. how he loved her with his mouth
with a different meaning. how there was potential trouble around them. he thought when he was there in the moist crevice, how he wanted to restore any damage that was done. he willed all his love into her with his mouth and at the same time looking up into her closed eyes feeling such joy in the giving. like her calves she was strong in her climax. when he came, he thought of babies, as she did, in speaking later. she is so strong within her potential trouble, carrying and giving.

would you like some?
just one!

she handed him the twizzlers.
you can't trust the foundation of things handed down, the significance of a salmon dinner undercooked, let alone your grief. and he thought on these things then
and is now, perhaps.

just one! 
you must put two in your mouth!

he laughed
for he had never met anyone like her, not one.
just one,


  1. and now to know and to celebrate~
    we will be easy in this life,
    careful to celebrate the ordinary,
    a backroad, a braid, a mouth,
    each other.

    i love you,