Monday, July 5, 2010

parameters of limitation
keep our hearts behind the bars of jail
where chains of power keep blinder eyes
on one course without change.

she yells, "This is not acceptable! This will not do!"
he refuses to take that second look
at how hard people try to please him
this king of ice cream
this queen of toast
but they do look
when no one is watching.

burnt toast and ice cream too hard
people dying in the streets
the same level of
exasperation in the minds of power.
insecurities that fight to stay on top
in control of chaos
these small minds

this fight
this fight

to be accepted on our own terms
what we perceive ourselves to be
the smoke and mirror
illusions made of
concrete and steel.

why do we do this?
can we not lay in a field naked
with skin falling from flesh
and just love the rain
and hold the hands around us
walk into death honestly?


  1. this world is in great need of gentleness and acceptance. we talk about life, you and i, and the struggles and gifts inside of it. we talk about brave on and how living well and loving is an act of bravery. you write, you fucken write, "with skin falling from flesh", my god! and you talk of walking into death honestly. Holy holy. Walking into death honestly! I could spend a great deal of thought inside just this one sentence.

    and yet even you and i are so easily diverted from real living and real events, so hyper sensitive, as we are.

    and then in our self absorption we drive by a man in a hole digging a grave - and we are quiet.

    let us put the toast to bed and lay down in that field.


  2. I get this line about skin falling from flesh... and why can't we just love the rain. Oh wow... not sure I got it how you meant it... but Damn... I got it.

  3. I aks to me the same eyery days... I'm more and more disgusted by this system of modern society, a Human is not more a Human but only a machine to produce profit, I'm disgusted

  4. hmmmm yes, i promise i will never fight again.
    i tell you that is easy to say now i feel beaten.
    But i do believe that as long as i fight in whatever way, there will be wars.

  5. Erin - that morning when we were so full of piss and vinegar, driving by the grave site, her looking over him in the hole. fuck, it stopped us. stopped us and made us realise others in pain. we became fortunate in an instant.

    Dana - you got it.

    Laura - we should all be so disgusted. thank you.

    Katrin - we should never give up the fight for fairness and respect and love for others and ourselves. you are down now, i have read you and it is a great time to fight for equality.