Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Let me square the yards

back at the fence
tethered he waves
she waves leaving
their harbour
the blue schooner sleek
navigates the buoys
and corners into traffic

he watches
until out of sight
'fair wind and following seas'

"Let me square the yards, while we may, old man,
and make a fair wind of it homeward." -  Moby Dick

bring her home safe
filled with the riches that is her
he will be her lighthouse
as she will be his light
that casts upon the rocks
in the fog
of the day


  1. bring her home safe... oh how I long for this feeling again. I have to admit that I've never before had any desire to read Moby Dick, until now that is.

  2. how we need one another~

    what is it that we have become?

    bring me to a backroad
    and wind me home.

    i love you,

  3. Dana - At one time I read Moby Dick once a year for quite a few.

    Erin - Yes we do and I am not sure what we have become. When we are apart and doing our days seperate my life seems so futile at times. Yesterday picking raspberries in the morning and then me to workuntil late, home and eating a warm piece of pie beside you. Ohh, the bliss of you.