Friday, July 30, 2010

when all else fails
we die~


  1. coming from a morning of talk around this
    and everything else that we believe
    forms the nucleus of real living,
    i almost laugh.

    but i don't because i know it comes from a very real place. i do wonder on the completion of this thought, though. it is provocative. it is an invitation to dialogue, really. it feels as though it is a kerenl stripped of its shell. it feels as though it is a bullet launched and at the last second, seeing nothing else, i have jumped on. it feels as though it is a worm hole that has a mouth and it might perhaps eat me. it is both a sad truth, and a proud truth. and so we live these days as well and as honestly as we can. we try our best to not create constructs to struggle against, but rather, to go with the truth of it, one day we are here and one day we are gone; the only question remaining, i suppose, what do we do with our one day?

    i love you very much. that we can sit on a couch and fall fall fall through layers and find find find bits and pieces, perhaps getting closer to a stripped down kernel, is a mighty fine way to spend any moment.


  2. and what we do with our one day is the point isn't it. to live our one day knowing our impermanence and making it the best day ever, with honesty.

  3. It also depends on what your personal idea about death is. The Woman is right. It is an invitation to dialogue. For some it is a complete and abrupt ending, for some the beginning of a great adventure, for some a reward, and for some rebirth. We get to choose.

  4. Stickup - Yes yes. So tell me then. What is your idea of death and impermanence.

  5. See now, I would disagree... I think we're all here to learn something, just one thing, and I believe that once we figure it out, the Creator calls us home. So maybe when all is realized we die...
    Love the thoughts you provoke.

  6. OH! It's a link! UGGGG. How silly am I.