Saturday, May 1, 2010

April 3rd. Manitoulin Island


  1. holy! is it a painting? when it's a photo, would you let me paint it?

  2. Masterful. It is what it is, but the imagination immediately begins to add to it, or run away with it... or it runs away with the imagination. I could look at this for hours.

  3. I am quiet around where your photography is going. This is a shot I never would have seen and now I will look for it everywhere. I walk in your footprints and look over your shoulder. I feel for the heat in the ground. You've a very special sight, a very special vision. I've said this before. I mean it. It is not fleeting, what I feel.

    This shot is the beginning of a story. It is a hook that leads you somewhere rich. I'm kinda quiet around it. It is gorgeous.


  4. a and k -thank you.

    william- the beauty of an image like a verse, to let the mind go. thank you.

    erin- you are my inspiration. i have seen things never before until i met you.