Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mr Labrona

Mr Labrona was a traveller. I went to see him once when he stopped on a layover just outside of town. In a quiet voice he told me stories of how many cities and ports he had been to. He told me of his hard working life and how now he was just a tired hobo. We shared a flask together and he warmed on this cold day. The clang clang coupling began, clang clang, and it was time for him to move on. I bid him a safe journey and as he was pulling away I think he smiled.


  1. perhaps even he would smile in your presence. perhaps even he~


  2. grete- yes, the journey, and not the end resting place, it is the journey that we should relish in.

    Erin- na! i am just a round guy with an open ear ready to listen to a story and spin one when i can.