Saturday, May 8, 2010

I went back to have a look at these photographs taken April 29th. of this year and recalled the joy I had taking this little series. The area in which the pictures came from was no more then maybe four foot square yet what was happening there was so amazing. The light casting shadows, the colour and the metal joining together by bolts and weld all tied together more with paint made this very special.

I like the idea of looking at an image and seeing first the colour and texture, composition. Then on a second look the 'afterimage' appears, a bolt, the shadow of a handrail or weld joints. You think of history and travel, and weather conditions, how many people have grabbed onto these handrail's in what province and country.


  1. Wonderful note, and I can almost smell the metal. I love the way you phrase it: “...yet what was happening there was so amazing.” Because you will never see it quite that way again, and because it will never be exactly that way again.

    Viewing them, the mind wanders according to one’s own inclination and experience. I see faces and teacups and an old woman’s hands; feel as if my fortune’s been read.

    Beautiful work. The joy shows.

  2. William- I did go back a couple of days later and felt some of the magic had gone. The lighting played a big role in these.

    I am happy you get faces and teacups and an old women's hands!!!

    Thank you.

  3. These are fantastic!
    As most of your images that
    I have seen so far.
    I love that kind of photography too!
    You don't need a whole country to make impressive pictures.
    Sometimes a square meter is enough. :-)
    I believe a creative photographer should be able to make nice images EVERYWHERE!
    Mind you, I am still a beginner, actually.

  4. By your images you are a lot further ahead then you claim spending time with the camera.
    Thank you for going back in my blog.

  5. Yes well, typically me. I'm sorry.
    I am doing a 3 year long photography course in evening-school.
    Perhaps I should have mentioned that.
    So yes, I spend a whole lot of time with my camera.
    What I meant was that I did not fully follow my hart with the photographs. To busy learning what a technical good photograph should be. The plan is to ignore all that soon as I learned it! :-)
    Actually, since I had very good points, I dare to do this more and more already. "-)
    Oh! You will see me a lot more on your blogs!
    If you permit me! :-)