Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When the choir sang.

The sky opened
and one million clouds hit the earth.
One million people carried clouds that day
draped around their halos. These good people tried
to see over and through the now fog but the mist stung their eyes
and they all sat down at once torn with trouble.
Some of them sat in the middle of busy urban streets,
others in fields and in super markets. Things slowed to a grinding halt. But what happened next was extraordinary - others gathered around them and sang. Great choirs with angel voices reached the heavens and ten million souls were set free.


  1. There are days when I am yoked with clouds; not many, but there are days. And when it is so, it takes great arms to still me and release me from it. I need great arms to gently undo the threading that holds it all to me. No singing required.

    This is gorgeous. You writing in waves like this is gorgous. Even in this you have been freed.


  2. erin- one of those rare days for me when the words flew with the angels.

    nc-va- just perfect. thank you.