Monday, May 10, 2010

When love imprints its scent:

Changing body odor of physical location draws
the sour from our body’s deep core and leaves behind
a fragrant day lily horizon, pale yellow.
Were we calling for each other all those years?
Was our eager DNA requesting compatibility,
or just a place to hang out
at the lake you couldn‘t find?
Somehow, over some cosmic terrain of body mass,
of slackened muscles and forgetfulness,
was there a search going on?
My body crawling to your body?
Your body raised like a stamin attracting me,
a bolder finally curtailing my movement?

In the ambrosial underarm change the scenery runs deep
to laughter and light hearted truck driving back roads over Bailey bridges,
as river’s edge rises to meet your naked thighs opened by cock’s rapid flood.
Both of us wash pasts down stream diluted by a deep purple
heather mixture, Calluna vulgaris;
aromatic breathing collects in deep tongue’s kiss
as day’s end meets morning’s bird songs.


  1. A primordial fisted crawl of one spirit to another. It has fingers. Its cellular composition begging to mutate.

    And so we have. Deeper than deep. this poem~


  2. Hello All Ways,

    I'm not a wordy person but greatly enjoyed perusing your hot/cold, abstract, textural, dreamscape photography and am looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Erin- Thank you for letting me see this poem better.

    Stickup Artist- I am not a wordy person either.
    Thank you for dropping by. I love your work!!!