Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moments with Iris

O iris,
this sunday morning rendezvous
gentle before sun changes us once again
i find you here.

even as we move with each other
we change in moments of red.

and just before i leave
i am struck again by your beauty
and the nature of your being
the why and how in this moment you have
enamored me so.


  1. O robert,
    this sunday morning rendezvous
    gentle before sun changes us once again
    i find you here.

    And i love you for your gentle opening, your lush offering, your soft underbelly and juxtaposition of tender to hard red. You. You. This sunday morning. And so we will to truck, side by side, jostle as though we are two iris side by side in gentle wind. We will to breakfast, forks paused in air and hands on knees. And then we will to the soft pillow of an iris sunday morning.

    It is you, revealed here, beside these flowers. It is you. And we are lucky to pay witness.

    love erin

  2. There is love in your blog robert, you can see it in your beautiful passionate photos, and in your writing which bleeds.
    Take care

    ps. l like your profile pic


  3. you've made iris into a landscape, a crazy undulating funhouse

  4. Very, very beautiful.........

  5. Momo Luna- Thank you!

    Tom- " a crazy undulating funhouse " ok, i like that too.

    Thank you.

  6. Ken- You are always so kind. Erin has said that there is something more in my stuff now too. She says it is 'warmer, more of who i am'.

    She also took the profile shot. I am a very lucky man Ken.

    Thank you for coming by.

  7. erin- shit, i love the way you write.

    i am surrounded by you. i breathe you. again, you give me light and love.