Wednesday, May 19, 2010

day in the life

she took the kids to school and
we talked over coffee, about everything,
from art to sex and the art of sex. we spoke of
the weather and moments and truths that changed by the second,
and death. she was fearless.

she was all
lilac spring perfume
powder blue T-shirt,
red hair from a box,
topped off with some of
the nicest torn faded jeans
you could ever want your lover in.
she swore like a trooper
and loved like her life depended on it.
fuck she loved. she loved hard,
then sweet and hard again.

she slams down her hand on the counter over late movie charges,
"...a Will Ferrell movie too! thirteen dollar charge, can you imagine!!"

now as my head reels in these memories
i recall that this was my day.


  1. It was good all the way to the last two-line verse, and then it became excellent.

    “late movie charges” and “head reels” — hmmmm...

  2. Often it's the little things in life that stick in our minds and I like how that is expressed in this piece. It reminds one to appreciate the moments we have in all our relationships when we have the chance and not to squander those times.

  3. Stickup Artist- yes, the little things thot thru a macro lens seen as very large. to stop and just be,let it soak into your pores.

  4. HA!

    Thirteen dollars and fifty PLUS cents. Farkin Will Ferrell!

    And yet again today, with work threatening to shark bite our toes, we sat the boat of chat and debated the value of Minimalism over morning coffee. I was all harumph and arms folded, but driving home I remembered more quietly - you - and your stripped down words, your images easy, and your excitement over simple lines, and how this all reflects the calm you bring to me. I need this. I need this unfettered construction to sit up against my sporadic fury. I need you.

    love you
    love this poem
    recognize that you see me
    and accept me

  5. ....and what a day....out of the ordinary ordinary.....

  6. Erin- as i need your harumph harumph with you interrupting yourself in conversation.
    love you.

    grete- extraordinary ordinary wonderful day.
    thank you.