Monday, May 17, 2010

thought after
thought and again
the change of mind
alter direction and view
we,  and then again we
open to change now.

i looked up just in time to see a sparrow
pass by the window as i was focused on a spot
of dirt on the my glasses.
then with blurred vision to the contours
of your breasts encased in
the moment
my mind races
just ahead of my hands as yours retraces
the rhythms of my pulse
quickened by your eyes.

moments from the past discovered again through
letters or pictures, some trigger set off a chain of events
rapid fired
to no conclusion,
for why is there a finality?

moment to moment
i will change my mind
to the many truths
around me.


  1. The many truths indeed.

  2. These ideas which keep surfacing for us: truths, the pivot of a moment, finality; evolution, really.

    Moment to moment we will change our minds to truths and neither will be more or less than the other. This is both exciting and frightening, but nothing is static, and so we screw our hats on in the wind and race around in circles anyway.

    That piece of free writing in the middle, god, that kind of writing is just plain hot to me. Heat of the soul.


  3. Erin- we have spoken of moments many times and truths. an exchange we have so wonderful face to face,
    eyes to eyes


  4. Dana- so many constant changing truths.
    Thank you.